Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Hans Christian Ansersen Award 2010 - Winners

A very short post to announce the winners of the International

Hans Christian Andersen Award for 2010

Per la categoria Scrittori: David Almond

For the author's cathegory the other names in nomination were: Ahmad Reza Ahmadi, from  Iran; David Almond, United Kingdom; Bartolomeu Campos de Queiros from Brasil; Lennart Hellsing from Sweden and Louis Jensen from Danemark.

Per la categoria Illustratori: Jutta Bauer

For the illustrator's cathegory the other names in nomination were: Carll Cneut, from Belgium; Etienne Delessert, from Switzerland; Svjetlan Junakovic, from Croatia and Roger Mello from Brasile.

Some short news about the winners

David Almond, born in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1951, he writes his first novel "Skelling" in 1998. Almond had already obtained other important awards before receiving the Hans Christian Andersen Award such as: the Whitbread Children's Novel of the Year Award, with the novel The Fire Eaters, and the Carnegie Medal.

Amid his books: Kit's Wilderness (1999), Secret Heart (2001), Clay (2005), Jackdaw Summer (2008) and The Savage (2008), Almond also wrote a play titled Wild Girl, Wild Boy.

Some of his recurring subjects have to do with constrasts such as life and death, past/present, but also education, nature, always with a particoularly careful insight on teenagers.
This is his website:  

Jutta Bauer, born in Hamburg in 1955, is one of the most known illustrators and cartoonist. She obtained her university degree at the Hamburg Technical College of Design, she started working as cartoonist for a female magazine and then started with illustration. Her picture book titled Schreimutter won the  Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis Prize (German Youth Literature Award), in 2001.

Amid her books please note:

Ein Engel trägt meinen Hinkelstein
Opas Engel
Die Königin der Farben
Abends, wenn ich schlafen geh
Ich sitze hier im Abendlicht

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