Saturday, 3 April 2010

The Salon du livre et de la Presse Jeunesse IS IN DANGER!

I'm just writing a short note to signal something important: the Salon de Montreuil, and consequently all the activities related to it, and the association Livres au Trésor are in serious danger.

The Salon's major financing body, the Seine-Saint-Denis Dept. n. 93, has decided to seriously cut down on the funds intended for this utterly important reality that is unavoidably tied to children's literature. Similarly to this the funds for Livres au Trésor were abruptly cut.

Sad to say but, had this happened in other countries we wouldn't have been too surprised. The fact though that this sad new may come from France, the country where there has always been a strong cultural politics in defense of smaller publishers and cultural variety, is at least worrying.

I am afraid this could also have serious reflections in other countries as well, both from the "political example" coming from this decision, that has nothing exemplary, and as a signal of a unilateral will to uniform cultural expression placing it in the hands of big publishing companies alone.

I pray you to sign this petition, even if it does not relate to your own country, because as I always say:

culture is freedom: let's defend it!

Once a light is extinguished it might be forever.

You can find complete information about Livres au Trésor on this blog:
and the petition for the Salon here:

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