Saturday, 12 June 2010

Être Éditions - A support proposal and AMAZING PRIZES!

Hello everyone! Let me quickly signal a new appeal I just received from Être Publishing House: in substance Christian Bruel thanks everybody for their support, collaboration and books purchase.

Seen the situation, that is improving but yet not enough to avert the closing of the company, Mr Bruel proposes a couple of solutions in support of his business, I am copying them in image format here below

Solution A: foresees the dispatching of a cheque within June 30th, of no matter which amount, to support the publishing house. In change for this, for 30 people amid the supporters who will have participated, within September next there will be the draw of a book with dedication by the authors. The form is here below:

Solution B: foresees the dispatching of a cheque within June 30th, of 50 Euros or multiples, to support the publishing house. In change for this they foresaw several amazing prizes that I am listing in detail:

FIRST PRIZE: the whole collection of the 58 books published by Sourire qui Mord (1975-1995), plus all the 66 books published by Être (including some works that are almost impossible to find), for a total of 128 books.

SECOND PRIZE: the whole collection of the books published by Être Éditions, for a total of 66 books.

FROM THIRD TO SEVENTH PRIZE: ten big picture books by Être Publishing House, that is to say:
La Belle et la Bête, Où est Maman ?, Robert Pinou, Tous ses petits canards, Ma maman à nous, Attendre un matelot, Jeux étranges, Mama Sambona, Un drame bien parisien, Ne désespère pas, Gilbert.

FROM EIGHTH TO TWELTH PRIZE: the six picture books from the collection named « l’étrangeté », that is to say:
Margot veut lire, Cette histoire avec la vache, Le petit canard et moi (Noël), Le petit canard et moi (jeudi), Robocoutro, L’âge du capitaine.

Here below the form:

Let me remind you again their contact information:

Être Éditions
56, rue Ramus
75020 Paris

internet site:

If you haven't done it yet, do subscribe the Facebook Group supporting Christian Bruel:

I end, as usual, by saying that

culture is freedom: let's fight for it!

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