Friday, 6 August 2010

When dreams come true

There are magic moments in life and this is one of them.

Things hardly happen just thanks to ourselves alone: behind every little step we make there's us, of course, but there are also those people who have faith in us, and who support us.

Yesterday I came back from Macerata, where I went to prepare some news that will appear on the blog in the next few months. I voluntarily decided to remain disconnected from the rest of the world: no e-mail, no facebook or similar, in short: media blank.

These last seven days I've been cuddled, spoiled and assisted by wonderful people whom I want to send my sincere thanks: Nora and Gigi, Ale, Mauro and Michela, Giorgio, Samanta.

I have met marvellous people, I shall not reveal their names for the moment but I will tell you more about them soon enough. I have met young illustrators full of strong will and hopes whom I send all my affection and support.

In short, I made my fuel with amazing humanity and memories that I will keep with care: if richness in life consists in encountering people, then I've been very lucky.

Once I got home I had other surprises, very nice ones as well, I just hope my awakening won't be too hard after all this...

The first nice new was when I found out that Nora (another one from the Nora I mentioned up above), author of the blog La Felice Stagione, has signalled The Tea Box, in its Italian version, together with other blogs for the Dardos prize, thank you very much Nora for this!!!

The second has to do with nonetheless than Betsy Bird, the one and only, whom in her incredible A Fuse #8 Production made a blog alert for my little box, despite all my language imperfections of which I am absolutely aware and all the rest. I JUST FELL OFF MY CHAIR!!!! To accompany the alert, Betsy picked one of the illustrations from La Governante by Sara Gavioli... I just hope this be a little premonitory sign for Sara!

The last not so new new, but always Impossibly-Good-New, is the confirmation of a virtual and long distance friendship, with Jules at her beautiful 7Imp: if you don't know it already I warmly suggest you to take a look at it, you'll discover wonderful things! She was there when I started and she is the one who gave me immediate credit, I will never thank her enough for this!!!! I shall say nothing about our secret plots, you never know, all I can say is that we are actually confabbing or just telling? Secret! AHA!

I shall not take a minute more of your time, one last THANK YOU to you all whom, with patience, keep reading my blog!


  1. love your opening comment about how important to remember the people that have faith in us. Very happy to hear about all the wonderful surprises. Well deserved!
    Looking forward to exploring your blog even more.

  2. Hi D, how nice to see you here!! Thanks for all you said, hope to give you useful updates. Thank you!