Thursday, 9 September 2010

A NICE new!

Dear readers,

since the new is now official on the other side of the ocean, even if I may sound self-centric, I'm writing to announce a new New that regards me. I hope you'll enjoy it....

About a fortnight ago Jules, blogger at the amazing Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast, and I have decided to start a collaboration that will see me posting - more or less regularly - on her blog. I will mainly treat European picture books and illustrators. We had planned on doing much more than this, though resources are limited and time stingy, we therefore decided we would be happy with what we can afford to do!

I'm obviously really satisfied, I've always loved Jules' (and Eisha's) blog, it was love at first sight. Thanks to Jules I started thinking of a blog on my own, even if I'm conscious I'll never reach her incomparable talent. When she asked me to collaborate with her I couldn't believe it! Though, this is how it is.

I start lighthearted, my head reaching clouds level and slightly trembling legs but I'm more than happy to start this new adventure. You will be able to read my posts for 7Imp in the translated pages, for the English page I shall put an alert post with title and link to the page on 7Imp.

Here below you can read the presentation Jules made for me, she has been too good:

and also the kind words by Betsy Bird, on her A Fuse#8 Production:

Now I am speechless!

Thanks, once more, for your attention!


  1. So glad to have discovered you via 7-imp! A very good start to my morning :-)

  2. Hi Zoe! Thanks to you, I love your blog!!! You do write a lot of interesting articles! Love it, love it, love it! :-)

  3. Cristiana!!
    This will be so enriching for all!!
    The best!

  4. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Merci, merci, merci!

  5. thanks for your kind words Christiana! Now, I wondered if I might enlist your help - I've just set up an international picture book swap and wondered if you might be able to spread the word some way - through twitter or face book if you do those things. I'm particularly keen to get more participants from non English speaking countries. If you feel it's something you could help spread info about here are the details:

  6. Hi Zoe! I will do my best to help!!! With great pleasure :-)

  7. I just discovered your blog — and I am loving it!

  8. Thank you! I'm glad you do!!! :-)