Monday, 24 January 2011

Walking in Macerata: interview with Javier Zabala

Do you love Javier Zabala?

If you do then you shouldn't miss the interview I made with him

you can find it right here!

Images Copyright© Javier Zabala 2010. Images have been reproduced with the permission of the authoir, all reproduction is strictly forbidden.


  1. Thanks for this great (!) interview Cristiana! I hope you don't mind that I added a link to it (plus a quote and a few of the photos) on my illustration blog at

  2. Hi Rob! Thank you for your wonderful post! I'm glad you liked the interview... the only problem might be the image reproduced (not the pictures) I shall ask Javier if he has any trouble with it. I bet he won't but it's still better to ask. :-)

  3. I agree. Thank you for following up with him.

    Drawger doesn't have a system of notifying visitors of follow-up comments to posts they've commented on. This is my comment:
    "You're very welcome Cristiana. Children's book illustration is not well represented here at Drawger (and since I'm molto crazy about it) I like to add it to the mix. And I like Javier's work very much. Now I think I'll go re-read your interview! "

  4. Hi Rob! I'm with you, totally, in this: I'm molto crazy about children's book illustration as well! :-) Thanks for everything!!