Friday, 11 March 2011

Desperate illustrator?

Dear illustrators, or aspiring illustrators, if you're ready to worn out the soles of your shoes along the corridors of the Bologna Book Fair, looking agonizingly for a publisher/art director/professional illustrator whom to show your works to, today, for you, there are good, better


A real task force composed by professional illustrators, upon whose identity remains a deep mystery, have decided to be at your disposal, how?!? Well, read here and rejoice:

No Book will be Neglected

Dear friends, colleagues and editors,
it's several years now I started having the feeling that, for those who are moving their first steps in the world of children's books illustration, there are less and less chances during the Bologna Book Fair to show their work, to receive advices and, why not, solemn harsh criticism (that are always useful).
This is not the moment to discuss the reasons for it: there is much to do, everybody is tired, there's no time to concentrate.
It still remains true that those guys need a first contact with professionalism and some advice.
Even if natural selection – bringing ahead not simply those illustrators that are the more talented from the technical point of view but also those who are able to get by in the complex world of publishing – has some sense, I believe that a minimum availability for young illustrators is a duty, for those who made it, more than being something that can reveal to be useful, not just for them.

The CMYK Project is a group of superheroes, or professional illustrators and authors whom, during the fair, have accepted to be available for younger illustrators to take a look at their books.
There is no established meeting, no place where they can show and queue up.
Our four can be recognized by a pin and a badge. If you see them, you can simply stop them and open up your book.
The four superheroes in this group are:

One only request:  if Blue, Magenta, Blonde and Black aren't showing their badges exposed here below it means that they are NOT available, in that moment because otherwise busy.

please do respect this simple rule.

A sincere THANK YOU, for this generous and brilliant idea is the least thing I can say

This whole thing makes we wish to give chase to them, my camcorder at hand, ready to capture any sign, in alert looking for suspicious jams in the corridors, of wary cliques scattered in the less obvious corners. To be in theme I shall wear a mask too... well, if I think of it I'd better not: the only one I have is a cat's mask, remains form carnival, which makes me certain that I would unavoidably be mistaken for Garfield!!! Mumble, mumble, mumble... what shall I do? Well, I'll think of it!



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