Thursday, 19 May 2011

Interview with Maurizio Quarello - (not exactly) Walking in Macerata

I've already told you about Maurizio Quarello's books here and here, therefore you know I'm keen on his art.... though this was a special occasion for me: I got to interview him!

You can read the full lenghth interview at 7Imp, exactly here.

Here below a little sneak peak into his art...

Les Arbres Pleurent Aussi, Ed. Rouergue

Sketches for Barbe Bleue

Les Arbres Pleurent Aussi, Ed. Rouergue

Barbe Bleue, Copyright Milan Presse

Effets Secondaires, Editions Rouergue

Preview on the book about Rosa Parks, to be published by Orecchio Acerbo, courtesy of the publisher.

A big thank you goes to the publishers: Milan Presse, Editions du Rouergue e Orecchio Acerbo. To Maurizio Quarello a thank you for his kindness and availability.

Image Copyright© as per indication on the same. Images have been reproduced with the permission of publishers, all reproduction being strictly forbidden.

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