Thursday, 19 May 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award

I was really flattered when I received an e-mail from Zoe, at Playing by the Book Blog, informing me that she had selected my blog for The Versatile Blogger Award. THANK YOU ZOE!

The Rules of the Award are:
  • Thank the person who gave you the award.
  • Tell us seven things about yourself.
  • Award fifteen recently discovered bloggers.
  • Contact the blogs to let them know they received the award.

Here are seven things about me:
  1. I'm sure you would never guess this one: my house is crowded with tea boxes, mugs, cups and tea pots! Aha! Though I do have quite a number of pebbles of all sorts: brown ones, reddish ones, and pink, green, grey, black, with patterns... but I have as well eggs of any kind, pieces of bark, funny little puppets I have found during my traveling, lots of greens, and two cats: Pukka and Minnie;
  2. I love photography and I have established very strict rules for my own photographs: no digital, no reflex, only mechanical cameras and only BW pictures! Snobbish? Maybe but it makes me feel great to be able to choose all details while I take my pictures;
  3. I used to play the flute... good thing I've stopped, but I still cannot live without music;
  4. when I was a kid I was convinced I would die of consumption like Mimì, in Puccini's opera! Quite dramatic, yes! Though my favourite opera character is Tosca, still Puccini's.
  5. I'm specialized in History of Theatre, together with English and French literature;
  6. when I have time I making my own little books out of pictures and/or materials I collect when I walk around, be it in the countryside or at the sea;
  7. after I started blogging, and getting some recognition here and there, my dad decided he wanted to have a T-shirt bearing the following sentence: "I'm the father of the genius!" with my picture at the bottom of it... Just in case I thought of taking myself too seriously!

And now, my personal selection of blogs, I have chosen them picking amid children's books authors, art and design experts and children's book experts. They are sorted in alphabetical order.
  1. 50 Watts;
  2. A Fuse#8 production;
  3. Animalarium;
  4. B is for Books;
  5. Bibliodissey;
  6. Book by its cover;
  7. Camilla Engman's Blog;
  8. Ilustroskop;
  9. Joanna Concejo's Blog;
  10. Main Section;
  11. Missed Connections;
  12. Seven impossible things before breakfast;
  13. The Miss Rumphius Effect;
  14. Vintage Books my kids loves;
  15. We too were children Mr Barrie.

I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I do!


  1. Congratulations Cris! Great list of blogs (so great that I've gotten very little accomplished this morning except prowling through your short list and then jumping off to other places from each of them! :-D

  2. Thank you Rob!! I know how it's like, I always do so when I find a new blog I like... :-)

  3. Love #6. And I didn't know you studied Theatre History. I was THIS CLOSE to getting an MA in that, with a focus on Dramaturgy. I was accepted at The Univ. of Pittsburgh for grad school to study that -- back in 1995 -- and I was up there, looking for a place to live even. And then I changed my mind for various reasons. I figured I'd go back and do it later. Never did. And now my life is children's lit. Funny how life goes.

    Anyway, thank you, and I love your strict photgraphy rules.

    Jules, who thought as a child she would die of various and sundry diseases, too

  4. That's why we are pals!!!! ;-)
    How fun you were interested in Theatre History as well!!!! See? We definitely had to meet sometime!

  5. Thank you Cristiana! It's an honor to be listed amongst most of my own favorite blogs (I am seriously dependent on 50 watt and Bibliodyssey, and count on Fuse#8 and 7-Imp for keeping me up to date in all things to do with children's books...) I'm looking forward to exploring your other favorites.

  6. Hi Sophie! You are just welcome, I am dependent on your blog(s) as well as the others I have listed so it was a natural choice!!! :-)

  7. Congrats, Cristiana!

    Felicidades por el premio. Tienes un blog estupendo, con información interesante y rigurosa sobre álbumes ilustrados de gran calidad. Además, lo tienes en tres idiomas! Te mereces este premio y muchos más.
    Me han gustado mucho los 7 breves comentarios que haces sobre ti. Así te conocemos un poco más.
    Por cierto, he encontrado muy estrictas las reglas para sacar fotos que te has impuesto. Yo no sería capaz de cumplirlas :)

    Muchas gracias por pensar en Ilustroskop. Es un honor para mi estar en esta lista "tan impresionante" que has elaborado.

    ¡Saludos, Cristiana!

  8. Hola y gracias!!!! Better if I continue in english though! Thank you for your appreciation and your nice words, I'm moved... :-) As for the seven things about me well, I should have been more serious shouldn't I? Though I have to say I can't make it when I have to talk about myself! I love manual photography, it obliges you to meditate your pictures somehow, it's slow-picturing let's say...
    As for the list I have just selected the blogs I love more, that always give me a thrill, beautiful art and interesting insights, just like yours!
    Saludos y hasta pronto!